Pediatric Kidney Dialysis

Dialysis is a process that corrects the balance of fluids and chemicals in the body. It also removes waste from the body. It is needed because the kidneys are not functioning well enough to do the jobs on their own.
 There are two types of dialysis:  Hemodialysis, Peritoneal dialysis
Hemodialysis is more commonly used, peritoneal dialysis is an option for a child with a regular care giver who is able to give the treatment at home and these two types are for children with both acute and chronic kidney failure.
Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy, is for children with acute kidney failure and it  is a form of hemodialysisthat can be performed continuously over a 24-hour period. This therapy is gentler and more closely replicates the function of kidneys. Because of the long time period, this therapy is well suited for children who cannot tolerate other types of dialysis.

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